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SAP Kurse Studenten

Benefits for our WLIB-Students


Research, theory & practice

  • Link between university teaching & practice
  • More than 25 years of experience with large SAP projects
  • Involvement of our research
  • Early exposure to the SAP environment & related systems

Only online-courses

  • Didactic e-learning approach
  • Anytime-Anywhere principle
  • Flexible & self-paced
  • No attendance requirements & deadlines

Career advantage

  • Career-relevant competencies & skills
  • Perfect preparation for the professional future
  • SAP certification & knowledge to enhance the CV & thus advantages against fellow students

Approved certificates

  • Official certificates of participation from the University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Approved SAP certification by SAP SE

Up to date & verified dontent

  • Continuous updating of the program content
  • Standardized quality
  • Case study work on the current SAP system 

Student friendly prices

  • Career-relevant qualifications at affordable prices
  • Unique opportunities for students at those prices

Boost Your Career


Acquire job-relevant skills with

We Learn in Bits

We have 25 years of experience in SAP projects in practice and teaching at our side!

Our goal is to give you the chance to get in touch with the systems used in practice as early as possible in your career. With our current courses from SAP and one from Celonis, you will have the opportunity to apply learned theoretical knowledge in a practical way using realistic case studies.

After successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate of participation from the University of Duisburg-Essen and, by passing the official SAP exam, an official certificate from SAP.
For a theoretical as well as practical qualification, we offer you pure e-learning courses – without mandatory attendance or deadlines at student-friendly prices.

Numerous students have already taken SAP courses with us – become part of the SAP community while you are still studying and get your SAP certification.

Course Overview


SAP Enterprise-Resource-Planning (TS410)

This SAP course offers you basic knowledge and insights into the world's most widely used ERP system - with practical case studies and an original SAP interface. The knowledge gained from this course provides an excellent complement to the more theoretical studies and prepares you optimally for the start of your career.


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

In this SAP course, you will learn essential components of data warehousing and business intelligence, which are increasingly gaining importance and use in companies. You will also learn how to create and maintain query languages and enterprise modeling in an SAP system.


SAP CO (Controlling)

In order to gain both theoretical and practical insights into the SAP internal accounting system, this course is the right basis for getting started in this area. In addition to this course, we also offer the SAP FI course, in which you will learn all the essential basics and application knowledge about external accounting.

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Introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud

This SAP course provides an overview of the SAP Analytics Cloud. The main focus is the Business Intelligence functionality - how to build, navigate as well as explore different methods of basic story design and how to properly integrate data. Our students learn about the information distribution and delivery platform, SAP Analytics Hub. The course includes many hands-on exercises, which allows to practice what they have learned in different subject areas.


SAP FI (Financial Accounting)

This course is particularly suitable for gaining initial insights into SAP's external accounting system and for working practically on this system with the help of case studies. In order to build up a holistic understanding and application knowledge of the SAP financial system, the SAP CO course, which focuses on internal accounting, is the ideal complement.


Celonis Process Mining

In this free course you will get first insights into modern process mining. You will also learn about the analysis of business processes and how they can be optimized.

Experience reports

Shared experiences of our WLIB students



Which course did you take with us?

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning – TS410.

You started working for a consulting company during your studies – to what extent did the course with us help you in your job or career entry?

Since the consulting firm is active in the SAP environment, it was already an advantage in the application process to have the TS410 SAP certification. The course helped me especially with the practical part in dealing with the system, but also with the standard processes.

Would you recommend taking the course to others? If yes, why?

Since the courses all push practical topics, I would recommend them for any future employee with contacts to the respective course content. However, it can also be very helpful to learn which subject areas tend to play to your personal strengths less.

You took the SAP ERP fundamentals course TS410 with us – what other skills do you now need in your day-to-day work that you would have liked to have taken a course for as well?

In my practice, I have a lot to do with SAP’s retail systems, as well as in iRPA/Automation. So in-depth courses in these areas would have been super helpful and I would wish for the future.



Which course did you take with us?

I took the SAP ERP TS410 course.

You started working for a consulting company during your studies – to what extent did the course with us help you in your career or career entry?

Yes, indeed, I started working for an SAP consulting company. Therefore, the course helped me a lot when starting my career, because I already knew the basic structure of SAP and creating an ERP order, for example, wasn’t a problem. In the job interviews, the acquired certificate also always had a positive effect on the employer.

Would you recommend taking the courses to others? If so, why?

I would recommend taking the courses without a doubt, as the course provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of SAP, making it easier to start a career, especially in the consulting industry. Since a lot of companies work with SAP, the course is generally a plus point for any job application.

You took the SAP ERP Fundamentals course TS410 with us – what other skills do you now need in your day-to-day work that you would have liked to have taken a course for?

You don’t learn to be a consultant overnight. It’s a constant process in which you never stop learning. Overall, however, I would like to see more focus on subsystems such as SAP CAR systems. This course would integrate seamlessly into the spectrum of the current courses and add further value to the career entry.

Project Partners

Chair of Information Systems & Integrated Information Systems

Ruhr Campus Academy

SAP Kurse Studenten

Contact & Support

For support, questions & more information feel free to contact us or visit our FAQ. You can also find all important information about our courses on the course page.

Feel free to write us conveniently via WhatsApp to get more information and help with organizational questions. You are also very welcomed to send us a message with feedback & suggestions!

(Please do not ask questions related to specific work on a course here. Please use our Customer Support instead.)

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Our customer support is there for you so that you get the best possible support for technical questions or problems concerning the courses and their contents. We make every effort to process your requests as quickly as possible. Click here for Customer Support. 

Of course you can also reach us easily by e-mail.


Maybe we already answered one of your questions in our FAQ – feel free to check it out right here!

Who are our courses for?

All students who are enrolled at a university or university of applied sciences can take our courses and can receive an official SAP certification.

The SAP ERP course (TS410) is especially designed for SAP beginners and provides a solid foundation for further certifications. Our SAP courses are not only a good basis for computer scientists, business information scientists and business management students, but also a specialization for other fields. In general, ERP systems such as those of SAP have a wide range of applications and now form the central component of almost every company. Therefore, We Learn in Bits courses address a wide range of specialties and provide enrichment for almost any resume.

SAP Kurse Studenten

The Primary Authorities

Prof. Dr.
Reinhard Schütte

Project Lead

As holder of the IIS Chair at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schütte is the leader of the WLIB project.

The courses offered by the IIS Chair focus on a combination of basic academic knowledge, basic SAP knowledge and the chair holder’s extensive practical experience. 

Prof. Dr. Schütte can look back on more than 25 years of experience with SAP projects in teaching and practice. Our program, and hence you, will benefit from this enormous wealth of knowledge on both the teaching and practical levels.

Mareen Wienand, M.Sc.

Operational Management

Mareen joined Prof. Dr. Schütte’s IIS chair as a PhD candidate in 2019. Her research focuses on the areas of e-learning and training management – the findings from this area are incorporated into the further development of our courses.

Under the role of operational management, Mareen organizes and coordinates any project activities. She is the contact person for all organizational issues, strategic or operational. She is also responsible for planning and designing new training content.

Anika Nissen, M.Sc.

Marketing & Financials

Anika has been a PhD candidate at the IIS chair of Prof. Dr. Schütte since 2018. Her research focuses on user experience, user research, eCommerce, and NeuroIS. Therefore, we integrate the findings of Anika’s research into the design of our website, courses, and marketing efforts.

Anika is the contact person for all marketing and financial inquiries in our team.  To ensure that the WLIB project reaches as many students as possible, Anika regularly plans new campaigns and measures. At the same time, she keeps an eye on the financials and takes care of any issues regarding this.

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