Celonis Process Mining

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The free basic course for process mining with Celonis

This course provides you with knowledge about the principles of process mining and how this can be used to the advantage of companies. This is fundamentally about identifying deviations and inefficiencies in business processes.

Course content & learning outcomes

  • Basics and introduction to process mining

  • Process identification and analysis with Celonis Analyst for standard processes

  • Process analysis for non-standard processes

  • Review and evaluation of the results of the process analysis and transfer of the results into actionable requirements for the company

    Thus, the course comprises about 28-32 hours of work.


The course content will be taught to you using the following tools:

Our learning materials will be provided to you via Moodle.

The practical implementation of the case studies is completely web-based with the Celonis Analyst Tool.


Users & target groups in the company

  • IT / Application Consultant
  • End and Power Users
  • Data Scientists and Data Engineers
  • Business Analysts

Application & Admission

Only students of a university or university of applied sciences can participate in our courses. Apart from your student status, no other requirement is needed to participate in our courses. In order to verify that you are enrolled at a university, you will need to upload your certificate of enrollment when you register.


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